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Indices Trading

Trading indices online is a great way to speculate on the world’s top financial markets. Indices are financial derivatives that are calculated as a weighted average of share prices of top performing companies listed on the exchange. At Galore Pro byou can find some of the top indices such as DAX30, CAC40, FTSE 100, S&P500, FRANCE 40, and much more.

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Indices Trading with Galore pro

Over 20 Indices from all over the World: USA, Germany, China

Leverage of up to 100:1

No overnight cost for holding open position for next day

Competitive spreads

Available on PC, Tablet & Smartphone


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Trading Hours

BDAX30 – 

5.500000000Fix & Variable
Amazing 100:1
Mon-Fri,07:00:00-15:30:00 (GMT)
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3.500000000Fix & Variable
Amazing 200:1
Sun-Fri, 22:00:00-21:00:00 (GMT)
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1.500000000Fix & Variable
Amazing 200:1
Sun-Fri, 22:00:00-21:00:00 (GMT)
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Metatrader 4 Trading Platform with Galore Pro

2 World-class platforms to choose from

MT4’s benefits include a wide variety of inbuilt analytical tools and an ever growing community enabling you to add indicators, oscillators and countless automatic strategies.

Galore Pro Webtrader is on of the most Intuative Trading platforms ever designed make the entry into trading fast and effortless.

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Why choose Galore Pro?

With superior execution on a multiple Trading platform, Galore Pro is one of the most innovating and trustworthy CFD brokers in the World.

Reliable Forex trading conditions

Galore Pro provides for traders of all skill levels the opportunity to earn more.

24/5 multilingual support

Talk to us through email and phone. With Patience knowledge and expertise our Support staff is there to help you.

Latest Modern Technologies

with Multiple Trading Platforms and the highest online security currently available we stay on top of latest technological innovations

Global Markets with Reach

with so many assets available over different classes we are sure you will find what to trade

Seamless Trading

Enjoy seamless trading with extremely-fast execution speeds, no slippage and requotes. 

Instant account opening & funding

Start Trading within Minutes and Take advantage of the latest Promotions