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Galore Pro Mobile Trader

The Financial markets are progressive and volitile. This is what makes it interesting but this also requires you to be able to screen the business sectors and deal with your open trades or take advantage of an opportunity.

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Galore Pro Mobile Trader

Discover the benefits of the Galore Pro Mobile trading Applications

the Perfect Platform that permits you to trade on a desktop environment inside of a web program.
  • Available Wherever there is an Internet
  • Connection Coverage (using Wi-Fi or 3G).
  • Easy to Setup and Trade.
  • Monitor Live Prices.
  • Modify and Cancel Orders.
  • Review the Status of your Orders.
  • Execute Live Trades from your Android Device.
  • or Execute Live Trades from your iOS Device.
  • Monitor your Account Summary.

Galore Pro  offers its traders the Galore Pro mobile apps, allowing you to trade anywhere, anytime. Gain fast and stable access to your Forex trading account via the official mobile applications. These apps are available across all mobile platforms including both Apple and Android.

View prices in real time and place Forex trades just like you would on your desktop MetaTrader platform. Open, close, amend or even cancel pending orders straight from your phone. Your balance and Forex trades are synced across your platforms and kept up-to-date.

Once you feel ready, sign up for a risk-free demo account.